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    Privacy policy

    Showa Leadfu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the company”) designates a personal information protection policy as follows, constructs a personal information protection system and will promote the protection of personal information by making sure that all employees will recognize the importance of protecting personal information and carry out measures accordingly.

    Personal information management

    Our company keeps the personal information of customers in an accurate and updated condition, develops procedures of maintaining and managing a security system, takes necessary measures, including thorough employee education, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, the loss of personal information, damage to personal information, falsification of
    personal information and personal information leaks, and also rigorously implements security measures and manages personal information with the highest care.

    The purpose of using personal information

    Our company uses the personal information we receive from customers to send emails and materials as notifications from us, guidance on our operations and answers to your questions.

    The prohibition of disclosing and providing personal information to third parties

    Our company manages the personal information we received from customers properly and does not disclose the personal information to third parties except for the following cases.

    In the case of customer agreements

    In the case where our company discloses personal information to vendors to which we outsource operations to execute services that customers request

    Measures for the security of personal information

    Our company takes full security measures to seamlessly protect personal information.

    Inquiries from customers

    If customers hope to get their own personal information referred, modified or deleted, our company takes the necessary procedures after confirming their identities.

    Observance and review of laws and regulations and standards

    Our company observes Japanese laws and regulations and other standards that are applied to the personal information we possess, reviews the details of our policy if necessary and strives to improve it.


    Please contact the following for any inquiries about our company’s management of personal information.
    Company name: Showa Leadfu Co., Ltd.
    Address: F11 of Yurakucho Building, 1-10-1 Yurakucho,
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    100-0006, Japan

    Tel: 81-3-3215-5101

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